Monday, May 2, 2011


today was tired as yesterday..actly dis morning my plan lain but recently change...still tak sedar diri yang kamis awak ada paper izatul akmar tapi still kan enjoy labour  day (padahal tak de kaitan langsung).act dis morning my plan is goin to penang meet my friends.they spend their holiday there.but they call me and suddenly kena balik kl...after zohor im goin to arell idris the owner and deal some matter there. then im goin to kulim and have a short meeting .. at 5, im going back to sp and heading to village me watching thor...15minutes lewat...but citer die must tengok....serius best!!!at first nak tengok fast furious 5 but full house..the seat that left just in front of the we decide to watch thor...quite good!!!

now 1230am...back to izatul akmar..

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