Thursday, December 2, 2010


cop..dunno what the best word can be describe for all those things ..cute mute!sweet ..still remember old old time ago. keep saving my money to buy these cop.dulu  macam too expensive kan .each cop cost rm3.00.if im not mistaken .now..i can get all berpapan papan cop ni just only cheap..act 22nd years old are too 'sweet' to play coping coping..haha..but fun what..sangat comel kot..hehe..bila dah beli cop nie tak tahu la pulak nk cop kt mana..any idea?!hah.!!cop kat semua buku belajar!haha..ada spirit sikit nak belajar setiap helai ada gambar icecream...burger..flower!wow!haha..
try!and put on the picture anywhere you think that can chill you when you keep staring on it!

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